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SQLServer Module in the Powershell Gallery

26, Apr Klaas

Today, every PowerShell affectionate DBA jumps for joy. The SQL Server module is available on the PowerShell Gallery.
This means you can now install it with a single PowerShell instruction.
But you better read this first.

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SQLServerDays 2017 precon

18, Apr Klaas

DataMinds Be unites the SQL Server professionals in Belgium.
dbatools is a wonderful PowerShell Module for Database Administrators.
Proud to be part of the team that develops and maintains dbatools, I will present a whole day precon on our work, together with Chrissy and Rob.

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Anti DR

17, Apr Klaas

DataMinds Be unites the SQL Server professionals in Belgium. Lots of internationally reknowned speakers are welcomed at meetings. Here's what Joey D'Antoni taught us on 2017-04-10:

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I've chosen Grav

16, Apr Klaas

It's been many years since I put a simple web site online. I opened notepad and started typing HTML 4. That probably wouldn't be the strategy of choice in 2017, so I went looking for an easy tool that could build a beautiful web site real quick. It shouldn't require me to dive into another 5 courses...

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Here the journey starts

15, Apr Klaas

Yes, this is the very first blog post by The Power DBA.

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