PowerShell for the DBA

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Show me my back-up config

14, Nov Klaas

In this article I show how to extract all parameters from Ola Hallengren's maintenancesolution back-ups. We'll use some regular expressions again.

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Update Variables

09, Oct Klaas

In this article I demonstrate how to update a collection of variables. It's a bit more complex than you may think, but not hard at all.

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Put my backup files back

14, Aug Klaas

In this article I show how regular expressions can help us find SQL backup files. We'll use maintenancesolution.sql generated files to retrieve backup information. Beware the power of Objects in the pipeline!

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Measure twice

31, Jul Klaas

In this article I demonstrate the difference between using the InputObject parameter in the Measure-Object command and piping the same object into it. We get different results, and this is the explanation.

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Regexp with PowerShell, more than a match

18, Jul Klaas

In this article I show where regular expressions can appear in PowerShell. You probably know you can use a regexp in -match, but there are some other interesting uses.

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