PowerShell for the DBA

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Show me my back-up config

14, Nov Klaas

In this article I show how to extract all parameters from Ola Hallengren's maintenancesolution back-ups. We'll use some regular expressions again.

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Put my backup files back

14, Aug Klaas

In this article I show how regular expressions can help us find SQL backup files. We'll use maintenancesolution.sql generated files to retrieve backup information. Beware the power of Objects in the pipeline!

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Check IFI with PowerShell

04, Jul Klaas

In this article I show how to use the Where method with the Split option to quickly assign two variables. As an example we will check if our SQL Service Accounts have the Instant File Initialization Privilege.

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Wrapper script for dbatools computerinfo

12, Jun Klaas

In this article I show how to write a wrapper script to swiftly call a selection of dbatools commands on the computerlevel.

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Mail me the backups results

05, Jun Klaas

In this article I show how to send the backup states of all your databases in an e-mail. Of course, all automated with PowerShell.

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