PowerShell for the DBA

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Check IFI with PowerShell

04, Jul Klaas

In this article I show how to use the Where method with the Split option to quickly assign two variables. As an example we will check if our SQL Service Accounts have the Instant File Initialization Privilege.

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The day History stopped repeating itself

29, May Klaas

In this article I talk about how command history can fool us. So you think you're repeating that command with Up Arrow? Module precedence and Command precedence can cross our plans.

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SSISDB Best Practices

22, May Klaas

In this article I talk about how I transformed a blog post into a PowerShell script. More particular Koen Verbeeck's article on SSISDB Best Practices.
It checks some settings on a SSISDB catalog and SSIS server and reports what complies and what not.

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Time Synchronization

11, May Klaas

In this article I talk a little bit about Time Protocols.
A DBA too might ran into trouble because of failing time synchronization. So this is what I learned a while ago about setting the protocol right.

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Sql Protocols

07, May Klaas

In this article I talk about SQL Server Protocols.
You can take a look at both client and server side protocols, and you don't necessarily have to do it with SQL Server Configuration Manager.

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