Anti DR

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Anti DR

17, Apr Klaas

DataMinds Be unites the SQL Server professionals in Belgium. Lots of internationally reknowned speakers are welcomed at meetings. Here's what Joey D'Antoni taught us on 2017-04-10:

What not to do when protecting your data

On monday 2017-04-10, 13 dataminds enthusiasts gathered in Realdomen's Atrium in Gent to learn from Joey D'Antoni.
Some things to take away:

  1. Always test your backups.
  2. Disaster Recovery is not just technology, it's policies and procedures (and people).
  3. Your DR choices should be driven by the RTO and RPO the business requires.
  4. Always test your backups, and use DBCC CHECKDB regularly (maybe WITH PHYSICAL_ONLY).
  5. The cloud is not magical: it has additioinal features to deliver DR, but you have to design and plan the desired solution. Consider geographical spreading, and even multiple cloud providers ( although that is a technical challenge ), if your data is very important.
  6. Create all thinkable disaster scenarios and test your DR procedures.
  7. Always test your backups: your job is not to make backups, but to restore them.

Oh yeah, final advice: don't hit the EPO button unnecessary.

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