Thanks to Chrissy

This post is for Chrissy LeMaire.

I forgot something very important!

Nowadays, people think it's normal that a boss encourages his employees, and that workers find themselves valued and appreciated. Although dbatools isn't a company, our 'boss' Chrissy Lemaire never fails to praise and thank everyone for any contribution great or small. I hope everyone on this project feels a lot of sincere appreciation. If anyone has ever submitted code or feedback and has not been thanked for it, I can assure you there's no way that could have been on purpose. It's one of the characteristics that makes Chrissy stand out above a lot of bosses, team captains and leaders of any kind.

But we rarely see this from the other side. Besides all the steering and coordinating, Chrissy's also the champion contributor. I'm pretty sure noone spends as many hours and energy on this project as our captain does.

About a year ago I realized that a boss deserves some recognition too. Here's a person who outshines us all in effort put in, and yet we take that for granted. So I promised I would show my appreciation more often, as she's entitled to that without any doubt. And here we are, so many months further, and still in the same habit.

Some day, should our paths split, I just don't want to end up with that feeling I should have said this sooner.

So here it is: Chrissy, thank you very much for all the work you do, for all the kind words you have for everyone, and for being an exemplary leader. I'm proud to call you my friend and I wish we can walk side by side for many more miles.

Byen Mersi Capitaine!

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